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About counselling and psychotherapy

How does counselling and psychotherapy work?

It works by giving you space, time and professional expertise devoted entirely to you and the issues you need help with. The relationship you develop with your counsellor or therapist is a vital part of the healing process - it is within the safety of this professional relationship that you discover new insights and get the support to bring about the changes you want to make. Because the relationship is so important, you need to feel comfortable with the person you choose to work with.

Is it confidential?

Yes, everything you tell me is confidential and secure. However, there are some legal exceptions to this which apply to all counsellors and therapists - I can discuss these with you when we first meet.

In addition, it is an ethical requirement that all therapists or counsellors have supervision of their work, regardless of their level of experience. This means that they regularly obtain consultative support from colleagues. This process is also confidential and is also bound by professional codes of conduct and ethics.

I've managed to keep going so far - maybe it's better just to forget it and try to get on with my life?

This is always an option. Many people can 'get by' with the issues they are struggling with up to a certain point. Sometimes, however, things just get too much - family or friends don't seem enough, and people feel the time has come to get some extra help and support from a professional. This often happens during particularly stressful periods or when accumulating life events trigger feelings and thoughts which eventually become too uncomfortable to deal with alone.

Getting professional support is a courageous step, which can sometimes feel daunting. A good therapist or counsellor will put you at your ease as much as possible.

If you'd like to know more, or book an initial consultation session, please email me or call me on 0204 537 0932 (+44 204 537 0932)

To learn more about counselling or psychotherapy, visit:

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